June 25, 2018

Fun Facts About Rosé You Might Not Know


Fun Facts About Rosé


I’m a fan, you’re a fan, everyone’s a fan! I love Rosé, but why? Other than the taste and the sweetness it brings, there must be other reasons why I love it so much! Katherine Cole wrote the perfect little essential guide to all things Rosé, it’s origins and why we like it so darn much! So, want to learn a little bit about Rosé, that you might not have known? Read below and purchase Katherine’s book to get a more in depth look on the history of Rosé at the end of post!

8 Facts About Rose

1. Women Tend To Love It Most

Women tend to make their wine-buying decisions based on appearances. It could be the pink or the feminine branding that draws us ladies in! Aesthetically speaking, Rosé bottles are darn right pretty and perfect to give as a gift, birthday celebration, take to book club or just because. Rosé is white and red, masculine and feminine, shabby and chic. Throw a party and you’ll notice the pink wine disappears first.

8 Facts About Rose

2. USA tops #2 in Rosé Consumption

American’s love Rosé but were not #1, France lands in first place as the highest consumption for a country. US is next in line with the following in lead, Germany, UK, Italy, and Spain.

8 Facts About Rose

3. It’s Ancient

It was the first wine created, about 7000 BC. Red and white wines came a few thousand years later. Rosé gets it’s pink color from the fact that the skin is left to sit in contact with the crushed grape for a while.

8 Facts About Rose

4. Rosé Doesn’t Last Too Long

Rosé should be consumed within two to three years of purchase at the longest. What I think? Grab a bottle or two at your local wine store, chill it and pour soon after, why wait?

8 Facts About Rose

5. Rosé Saves

A typical bottle of Rosé can be purchased under $15, you won’t have to break your bank buying these bottles of joy! Delicious Rosé doesn’t have to mature for too long, which makes production at less cost and simpler to make.

8 Facts About Rose

6. Brief History

The Rosé story begins in France. The first French vineyard was in Provence, established when the ancient Greeks brought grapes to the South of France, sometime around 600 BC when they founded the city of Marseilles. Greeks were already drinking wine, but most were as pale in color as the Rosés you’ll see on the market today. It’s likely the reason the first wines of Provence were Rosés rather than reds or whites is that the process of maceration had yet to be fully understood. While Rosés are trending currently, many people don’t know that Rosé is one of the oldest wines around and, interestingly, has maintained a high level of popularity throughout the ages. Even with the Roman introduction of red wine centuries later, Rosé production and consumption held steady.


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