August 1, 2018

Engagement Party Etiquette


The Little White Dress


Ah, the moment has come, the love of your life asked you the words you’ve been waiting for “Will you Marry me”?! Exciting times ahead and congrats to you! Here comes a wave of celebrations, and one of the most important, your engagement party! I’ve made a fast check off list for you to read over while you’re planning your party with your friends and family, just a few things to consider before throwing an evening filled with champagne toasts and tons of love!



1. Throw more than one party, one can be for friends and one can be with family, you don’t have to have only one!

2. Only invite guests that will also be invited to your wedding!

3. Allow guests to bring gifts, but don’t expect them to! Register at these amazing registries like: Macy’s, Target, Bloomindale’s, Pottery Barn or sign up for an account at honeyfund, where family and friends can gift money for your honeymoon!

4. Have your celebration at a fun place, not too loud though, at a house that is spacious or a nice restaurant, venue or country club where guests are able to sit and socialize.

5. Dress up! Casual Cocktail attire is a perfect request for you and your guests to wear, because let’s be real, it’s an up and coming wedding we’re celebrating here!

6. Feed your guests, but keep it light with easy non messy bites. I suggest a heavy appetizers, or a fun themed night like a Taco Bar + Margaritas, have fun with it!

7. Give your guests 1 month ahead to save your engagement party date on the calendar!

8. Send thank you cards to your guests! These are super cute!


1. Invite Ex’s, nope, it’s tacky and even if you’re still friends, this makes it uncomfortable for your bride or groom and it’s about moving forward with your new chapter!

2. Introduce your parents for the first time at your engagements, it’s loud and way too many distractions. I suggest planning a casual lunch for the parents to meet prior to this event!

3. Have your music playlist too loud or too upbeat, this isn’t a club dance party, keep it relaxed and soft so guests can speak to one another yet still enjoy some tunes in the background.

4. Make thing way too formal!

5. Assume one of your parents are the host, anyone can really host it these days, even you two or a friend, just figure out which makes you more comfortable



I’m getting married in less than 2 weeks, and that means wedding celebrations are on the way. This coming Friday we’re hosting an elopement farewell party for our wedding, and since it’s on;y Lucas and I traveling, we wanted our family and closest friends with us to bless us away for our nuptials! So, in order to look and play the “bridal part”, I was in search of the perfect little white dress to wear. Classy, elegant yet comfortable was on my mind for this snazzy affair and I finally found the one! Are you looking for the perfect little white dress? I’ve got some awesome finds for you!

The Little White Dress Shop


A dress isn’t complete with a little bit of sparkle, and let’s be real who doesn’t to sparkle just a little brighter near their wedding date? I do! I love chunky statement pieces whether it’s a earring or necklace, it’s simple yet still pops!


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