October 7, 2018

ColorReader by datacolor | Matching colors just got easier!


ColorReader by datacolor

Color Matching Made Easy!

When we moved into our “Fixer Upper” home I knew I would have to do a lot of color choosing and matching. I got a bit overwhelmed and was trying to figure out  how in the world I was going to do that! I would see colors that I wanted but wasn’t sure how I would find out what that particular color was! Well, I’m one lucky gal because ColorReader by datacolor to the rescue!

Recently I’ve been obsessed with a pale navy blue, which pretty much was what I was calling it but now I can say I finally found an official name for the wall in my office that I want to paint thanks to ColorReader! It’s so simple to achieve, I found some books that I had laying around in my home that had the exact color I want to paint my office wall in and I placed the ColorReader device on it to read and in seconds I got an exact color match, “Gray Flannel”.

What is ColorReader?

ColorReader is a handheld color matching device. It comes in this small box that is super lightweight and easy to pop in your purse for any color matching opportunities that may arise! ColorReader is not just a device but a platform for your design needs to measure, match, collect, share, and even buy your colors straight from your smartphones! What I love about this handy dandy reader it collects data in RGB and CMYK as well! WOOT!

ColorReader by datacolor-3560This tool is awesome, it collects color date from fabrics, clothing, hard surfaces, walls and even plants!

I really loved this color from a sweater that I had in my closet to paint a bathroom wall, but I couldn’t figure out where to find this color so of course I placed my ColorReader and it gave me “Elephant Gray” with the closest match by Benjamin Moore. Not only does it give you the closest match, it also retrieves other close choices to take a look at and the CMYK plus RGB tones, which are perfect for blogging, and staying consistent with my branding. Score!

I love being able to capture any color that comes my way through this amazing device, it’s super convenient, helpful and resourceful. Rest assure, this gem will be placed in my purse to go for any of my at home projects or clients design jobs!

( Thank you ColorReader for sponsoring this post )

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