September 20, 2018

Storage made easy!



I’m in the midst of moving to a new home and that means a lot of packing has been happening around here! I discovered Clevermade and you guys, game changer! If you know me, I love to move in the least stressful way possible, I’m probably OCD about my organization skills but hey, I can’t help it! These Clevercrates definitely serve up their purpose! Designed for exceptional durability, once they’re open, the crate locks into position making it ideal for stacking or on-the-go transport. I knew I had to get my hands on more than one of these for my big move and I knew it wouldn’t end there, I’m using these babies again and again!

ClevermadeCollapsible Utility Crate with Lid

The Collapsible Crates are seriously amazing for your storage purposes, using it as a moving box or any of your organization needs. What’s amazing about these crates are how easy they come together. CleverCrates folds flat when not in use and nest together making them a super space-saving product! It can hold up to 75 pounds, which makes it durable for heavier items.

Reasons why I love CleverCrates:

  1. Saves tons of space, whether you’re filling them with goods or keeping empty until you need it, they’re so convenient and are space savers compared to your basic bulky plastic containers!

2. Easy to clean, dab a wet cloth or spray them with an all-purpose cleaner, and that’s it!

3. Love the colors, they come in blue, black, green, yellow, red, charcoal

4. You can use them for: groceries, storage, moving, as an organizer, kids toys, and more!

Storage on the go

Whether I am running errands and picking up floral for a photo-shoot, running to Trader Joe’s for groceries or needing the space to fit my design projects, the CleverCrates are perfect. I place one in my car to always have for any type of storage needs. It fits perfectly in the back of my car and I love how sturdy it is, knowing everything will stay in place while I’m driving! It makes me feel confident to transfer my items by just simply picking up the crate and moving it to where I need it. Woo-hoo, I’m in love!

Coolest Crates in Town! Bye Bye Storage Boxes

I impressed my friends when I took out my collapsible crates while getting help to move, let’s just say they were a tad jealous when they saw how easy it was for me to store away my crates once I emptied them. As you open each crate, the sides pop out to be tucked on the sides, and the lid is located at the bottom of the crate to be placed as the lid, simple as that!

Hey! Dogs like them too! No animals were harmed in this post, just used as an adorable model!

( Thank you Clevermade for sponsoring this post )


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