November 14, 2023

How to design a Holiday Cheese Table


Christmas Cheese Platter

DIY Holiday Cheese Table

Here’s your ultimate list to make a cheese table this year for your next holiday gathering at home! I love to entertain and who doesn’t love cheese? This is a great alternative to spending a ton of time in the kitchen cooking different dishes, instead turn your dining room into a fun charcuterie table! Your guests will love it!

What you will need and how to do it:

Purchase a roll of Kraft paper at Joanne’s or Hobby Lobby

Now let’s head to your local super market!

Here are the items to purchase, some of these may vary depending where you shop but you can at least get an idea!

Shop my table top finds

Christmas Cheese Platter
Christmas Cheese Platter
How to design a Holiday Cheese Table

The Grocery List

1 Nutty Cheese – Suggestion: Dubliner Cheese
1 Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1 Mozzarella Pre-Sliced ( garnish with olive oil and balsamic glaze + a sprinkle of salt )
1 Spreadable Cheese – Suggestion: Boursin, Alouette
1 Blueberry Vanilla Chevre Goat Cheese ( Trader Joe’s )
2 Smoked or regular Gouda Cheese
1 Fresh Rosemary Sprigs
1 Brie Cheese
1 Jar of Fig Spread
1 Pomegranate
1 Orange
3 Crackers: Suggestions – Raisin Rosemary Crisps, Red Chili Scalloped Crackers, Multi-Grain and Flaxseed Water Crackers
1 loaf of Sliced Fresh Baguette
1 Bag of red grapes
1 Pack of Salami
1 Jar of large green olives
1 Bag of Raw Almonds
1 Blueberries
1 Jar of Pickles
1 Bag of Pistachios
1 Bag of Cranberries ( as garnish and color )
1 Cucumber sliced
1 Holiday cookie: Suggestions – Gingerbread, white chocolate covered Oreos, seasonal cookies

Additional Decor Suggestions: Lit Candle, Pine stems faux or real, mini marshmallows, pine cones

Let’s Start Designing!

Let’s start designing! I recommend placing a table cloth over your dining tale to protect it, plus a white one looks nice for the season. Grab a wooden board to place in the center, this will be for your mozzarella and baguette mainly to be placed on and you can garnish whatever you like around it.

For the olives, pickles & spreadable cheese, place these in small serving bowls ( it looks more presentable than keeping it in the packaging ). Think textures and colors when designing your table. Adding opposites next to each other will bring the illusion of a structured yet colorful table spread! Slice your pomegranate in half as well as your orange and place one of each on the top and bottom of the table spread. After placing your cheese, garnish with cranberries, etc!

Congrats, you made an awesome board. Now sit back, wait for your party to arrive and enjoy! I promise you this will be an instaworthy board! Follow me on instagram @andimans and let me know how it looks! Happy hostessing! And check out my other recipes!

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