April 30, 2019

Candles that make a difference: Calyan Wax Co.


Calyan Wax Co. | Candles that make a difference

You know those days when you’re shopping and you come across an awesome product and then it’s an extra treat when you learn that they value your purchase by supporting an amazing cause? Well that’s what Calyan Wax Co. is! So many curated fragrances to make your space warm and inviting.

I know that my go-to do when prepping my home when guests come over is to have the best smelling candles that are natural and good for you too! So many candles out there right now are filled with so many bad chemicals that are harmful to not only your home but for your family and pets. Calyan Wax Co. are crafted with care and made with natural soy wax!

And did you know? Once your candle burns out completely, you can
re-use your glass for your morning cup of juice or your evening cocktail, score!

I discovered them while in Waco at Magnolia Market and first off, the candles are amazing, their scents are out of this world delicious and the beautiful style of each candle match any home.

What’s extra special about their mission? Your purchase helps equip and empower survivors of human trafficking in America. I don’t know about you, but I sure do support anyone and anything that wants to stop this horrific act going on all around us. Not only are they on a mission to stop tracking but also are helping empower survivors from returning.

Please support and shop their candles by heading over to their website here and you can start shopping their amazing scented candle selection here

Thank you to Calyan Wax Co. for sponsoring this post

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