December 13, 2022

Transform your kitchen, get your cabinets painted!



I’m so excited to share my kitchen renovation with you! When we first took a stroll thru our new fixer upper, we knew the kitchen had to be made over but we didn’t have the budget to change it entirely…like get brand new cabinets, talk about pricey. So we decided, let’s hire a pro to paint them, I’ll get a backsplash installed and new hardware! Take a look at the below, before!


This house was built in 2004, yet not as old as our prior fixer that was built in 1954…I still had never seen an island like this one. Needless to say, it had to go! Lucas and I took a sledge hammer and knocked it out before the flooring got done and cabinet started to get painted. The cabinets were in good shape, had a craftsmen style to them so that made me feel confident to go ahead and hire WOW One Day Painting in Orlando to paint them!


Wow 1 Day Painting crew showed up and were so awesome! Friendly, professional and organized I truly was impressed by their service. On the first day, they removed all of the doors, sanded them down and prepped them for paint + adding the first coat which was primer. That took a day, and had to dry!


The fun part! Painting! Let’s chat colors! At first I was going to go with all white cabinets but the more I thought about it, I wanted to elevate the kitchen with interest, depth and style! So I ended up falling in love with the color Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams as my second color choice for the bottom cabinets! I chose Pure White as the top color! I also took a trip to Home Depot to find my hardware replacements! Also, before I forget. Since we didn’t have the budget to replace the island that we really want we went ahead with a temporary fix which is a kitchen cart we found online! I still need to paint this Repose gray and add the new hardware too! Work in progress but we like it for now, it fills the space and has decent storage too!


Top cabinet color: Pure White by Sherwin Williams
Bottom cabinet color: Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams
Pulls & Knob Hardware: Top Cabinet Pull & Bottom Round Cabinet Knobs
Backsplash: By Bedrosians Chloe 2.5 x 8 rectangle I also had my guys use white grout
Island Replacement: White Kitchen Cart with Butcher Block Top


The cabinets dried and WOW painting crew started to add the hardware and hang the doors back on! It so came to life at this point! It looked like a totally different kitchen already. That weekend our backsplash installers came and added the Bedrosians tile, which was stunning! I LOVE the Chloe tile it’s so elegant and was the perfect chefs kiss to finalizing the kitchen makeover!


I am so happy with how it turned out, pricing for painting your cabinets compared to renovating your entire kitchen cabinets will be easier on your wallet and make a big impressions. A few others things we did was also paint our walls “Nano White” by Behr and get new flooring installed. If you’re thinking about transforming your cabinets, this is your green light! The next thing we need to do is get all new appliances, the previous owners never updated theirs! But one step at a time!

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