November 15, 2019

Pep Talks: Taking a risk and making moves



Two years ago I was scared of the social media space, I was transitioning from running a full time wedding business that I built since 2010 after just becoming a young widow at the time. But two years ago I made a choice to enter a new chapter and passion of mine, content creating.

I was scared of the unknown, finances, and failure, but I did it anyway, because I had to, I had grown out of that chapter and was ready for a new one. ( I’ve started about 5 businesses since I was 23 ) creative entrepreneur here.

I truly love raw and honest conversations about business, life, marriage, self love and conquering fears. We all need some positivity in our life + motivation every now and then! Can I get an amen?!

Today, I’m chatting about risk. I think as women sometimes it can be challenging and down right intimating to take a leap of faith with something we want to do. Like, starting your own business, launching a product, a side hustle or even a blog. Now, I’ve chatted with plenty of gals where it goes something like this, “yeah I want to BUT…” insert XYZ reason, cough cough…excuses that we tell ourselves in order to stay in our safe zone.

Here’s the thing, we won’t grow or know until we try, the worse that could happen is you fail and LEARN. There’s nothing wrong with failure, because you will always receive something magical from it…GROWTH. And we need this in order to get closer to our goal! Heck yes!

So stop being afraid of failure, look at it straight in the eye and say “I accept the challenge”!

Your dreams and goals are worth the risk and feeling uncomfortable. We can’t live our life stuck at 50%!

So, start that blog today…pick up your camera, start capturing content, launch your business idea, you may not be 100% ready, you may not have your branding down perfectly, it may be terrible timing, you may feel terrified.

But, get moving sister. Love, me


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