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Having a keen eye for design and trends, I love all things stylish and placed perfectly. A styling expert can help you make furnishings, decor or products come to life. As an interior stylist I specialize in editorial, commercial, retail, or personal projects. I can help make a room or product look fabulous and photoshoot ready without changing the structure of the room or home!

I offer custom pricing depending on your need. Please do not hesitate to contact me! Every project is unique, I cannot wait to chat with you!

Please note that all photography and portfolio work has been photographed by myself, if you're interested in photo please click here, this service additionally can be added to your desired package!

Interior Styling & Decor guidance for your home
Styling & help in product placement that captivate the attention of its target market or business for branding or social media usage
Styling a room for a photoshoot + creative direction
Event styling for small celebrations or special occasions

interior & product styling

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what can a stylist do
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“Andi was a dream to work with! After moving into our new home she helped me style my living space perfectly!”

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"... And just wait until you sneak a peek at Bradley and Sara's incredible hilltop portraits. Now THAT is a gorgeous perspective."



interior styling

producT styling

interior styling



home staging tablescapes, styling


product styling



product, creative direction, editorial


Interior Styling

Product Styling

As an interior stylish, I am a very visually oriented person who loves every aspect of taking a room transforming it to look aesthetically pleasing.

Whether you have a small or large space that needs some personality, or a an empty room to work from the ground up, I can assure you that I'm here to help!

I'd love to learn about your vision so I can bring that to life. Color choices, decor finds and placement...is all part of my job. I believe your home should be cozy, functional & stylish without overspending!

My interior styling begins with an initial consultation fee and custom packages determining your needs for your project!

Product styling can be beneficial and used for your website, social media, print, marketing materials, email lists, blogs and more!

Curating a feed and staying consistent can get tricky when doing it on your own, so I raise the standard on creating the perfect placement and imagery you need to maintain your brand identity!

If you're looking for guidance with a small celebration, editorial or commercial photoshoot please don't hesitate to reach out as well. I love working with small business owners to curate content that can help them grow!