September 26, 2018

How to prep your home for Fall with Chesapeake Bay Candles!


Chesapeake Bay Candles Pumpkin Latte

Ti’s the season of Pumpkins!

It’s that season where Pumpkin everything is what’s completely up my alley, and I refuse to let anyone tell me that I’m “Basic” because when did the beautiful aroma and flavor of Pumpkin become basic? It’s SO delicious, and what’s even more awesome are the “Pumpkin Latte” candles by Chesapeake Bay! If you wake up in the morning craving a “PSL”, stop right there and just light one of these cozy candles up!

Chesapeake Bay Candles Pumpkin LatteChesapeake Bay Candles Pumpkin Latte

That Cozy Feeling!

Feeling festive this time of year, the air changes, the temps drop and you just might see family and friends more than usual with celebrations, dinners and get togethers. The first thing I do when I’m prepping for guests to come over is light a candle, it sets the mood and fills the air with Fall.

Chesapeake Bay Candles Pumpkin Latte

What I also love about Chesapeake Candles is that not only does the fragrance smell amazing, they’re also chic and pretty to use as a decor accent in your home. I’m pretty minimal and I have white everything in my home so the neutral bottles and scents you can choose from are the perfect match for my home and it will be for yours as well!

Chesapeake Bay Candles Pumpkin Latte

Where can I place candles?

So many areas in your home can be accented with these pretty little decor pieces. Coffee tables, office desks, the kitchen, dining room tables, accent tables, side tables and night stands! Have fun with them, don’t be afraid to place a candle where it could really spruce up a room!

Chesapeake Bay Candles Pumpkin LatteChesapeake Bay Candles Pumpkin Latte

About the Heritage Collection

Relax by the crackling fire and enjoy a simmering pumpkin latte topped with brown sugar, maple and creamy vanilla. The aroma of praline, pecans, and pumpkin frosting fills the room as we watch the leaves slowly fall from trees throughout the crisp autumn afternoon.

elebrating the rustic charm of the Chesapeake Bay area, the minimalistic design of the Heritage Collection is natural looking with accents of modernity. Made from a soy wax blend and featuring self-trimming cotton wicks, the candles are contained in a frosted clear glass jar with a wooden lid with a twine embellishment.

Chesapeake Bay Candles Pumpkin Latte

The fragrances of the Heritage Collection are built around a solo or duo ingredient accord, and are embellished with many layers to add complexity and depth. All creations are beautifully balanced and rounded with natural essential oils.

Where to snag yourself the Pumpkin Latte Collection:

Coffee Table Jar
Small Jar
Small Jar 2 – Pack
Large Jar
Double Wick Tin Candle
Double Wick Tin Candle 2 – Pack
Assorted Fall Pack

Chesapeake Bay Candles Pumpkin Latte( DIY White Pumpkin Tutorial )

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