December 6, 2018

How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree


How To Pick The Perfect Christmas TreeHow To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree!

As a kid I remember once Thanksgiving was over with, that was the time that we could finally go buy a tree! I remember hopping in the car with my family and driving around town searching for the perfect tree. Now as a kid, whatever my dad chose was the right one! All I remember was the joy of decorating, adding the lights and sipping eggnog while the tree glistened. Now as an adult, and tables turned, it’s time to share some tips before you jump in the car and go on your tree hunt!

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How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree


Before heading out to pick your perfect tree, make sure to measure the area in which you want to place the beauty in. I usually say to give yourself 20 inches away from the ceiling so that the tree has enough space. Once you add the topper and the tree stand, you want to make sure you have room! You don’t want to have a tree that’s too little and looks silly or too tall and look wonky! Keep in mind the size of your home so it looks balanced with the rest of your living space.

How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree

Buy Local

I love supporting small business so local it is for me! Make sure to visit one or two, to make sure you’ve seen the selection of trees and the prices.

How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree Choosing The Tree

When picking out your tree, make sure to grab a bundle of branches, squeeze them in your hands and if you see a ton of needles, you’re probably looking at a dry tree that isn’t healthy to take home. Grab the tree a bit away from you and shake it, watch where their needles fall from. If they fall from the exterior that’s not good, from inside, that’s normal. You want to make sure that wherever you buy your tree, ask the assistant to cut the trunk at least 2-3 inches. That way, when you take your tree home, it’s ready to drink water. While prepping your tree, place the trunk in a bucket of water.

How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree

Popular Types of Trees

Fraser Fir
Douglas Fir
Scotch Pine
Blue Spruce
Monterey Pine

How To Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree


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