April 30, 2019

How to paint your door! DIY Project


Door Transformation made easy!

I recently added a little bit of a refresher to our front door! I painted it! When we moved into our Fixer Upper, so many things had to get done and the door was one of them but we didn’t want to spend the big bucks on buying a brand new one. So I took matters into my own hands and decided to pick a color that made my heart smile, and painted it! And you can too, if you’re caught in the same dilemma as we were here’s an easy tutorial on how you can your door look brand new!

It wasn’t hard at all really, the trickiest part was painting around the door knob and the lock but if you’ve got some patience and a good small brush, you can absolutely do it! Repeat the below to paint the interior side of your door as well!

I’ve listed the items I used below as well! I chose “Misty Morn” by Behr Paint, it was pretty much love at first sight 😍

So, I challenge you to DIY!

First, we want to go ahead and grab all of your materials! I found all of my goodies at Home Depot, to get exactly what I purchased, see below. I chose “Misty Morn” by Behr Paint, which you can also find below as well. I chose the exterior paint and primer all in one.


First, you will want to sand down your door, make sure to get the edges and the entire door, you don’t have to go crazy sanding down every single area but a general sand down will work!

Once you’re finished, wipe down your down with a cloth and some water or a paper towel, let it dry so it’s clean.

Next, you will want to start with the edges of the door first with your brush, in between each coat let it dry completely before placing another. I did two coats, which seemed to work for me. Depending on your doors previous color, you can tell if it needs more than two coats.

After that is finished, grab your roller and start painting the entire door! Add 2-3 coats! Roll your brush lightly so you don’t have spots that are drippy!

All done! Remove your tape slowly after the entire door is finished drying and go through the small areas of the knob with a small paint brush, this is the most tedious part, but totally worth it! I went ahead and bought two ferns, new door mats and there ya go, easy makeover and looks totally different! Happy Painting, let me know how it goes for you or if you have any questions!


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