September 7, 2018

Celebrating Fall in Florida! | Easy DIY Fall Decor


Fall in Florida and DIY Fall DecorCelebrating Fall in Florida + DIY Decor Craft

The only thing that Fall and Florida have in common is that they start with the same letter. Cozying up in a thick sweater while sipping a steaming mug of tea or frolicking in falling leaves are just figments of a Floridian’s imagination. While the rest of the country is diving headfirst into a pumpkin spice craze, the endless summer still beats on in Sunshine State.

Having lived my whole life in Florida, I’ve grown to love fall here. It’s different than it looks in movies, and sweaters are reserved solely for inside with the AC cranked, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Instead of focusing on the fact that it’s still 90 degrees out, I wanted to share my favorite things about spending this season in the Sunshine State. If any fellow Florida gals want to chime in with their seasonal favorites, that would be wonderful!

Fall in Florida and DIY Fall Decor

1. You get the beach all to yourself!

Summer tourists crowd the beaches, but in fall it’s mainly locals exploring the shore. I love heading to the beach on a fall day and enjoying taking in the beautiful scenery, without having to deal with large crowds.

Fall in Florida and DIY Fall Decor

2. Keep wearing summer favorites!

In Florida, there’s no need to put away your favorite summer sundresses. Fall days consist of sunshine and more sunshine, which means I don’t have to worry about the hassle of switching out my wardrobe each season.

3. Less traffic!

Orlando traffic can be a nightmare any time of year, but especially in summertime. Between all the theme parks and convention centers, summer is always jam packed here. Thankfully things slow down in the fall which means I can get around my city so much faster.

4.  Traveling is even more magical.

If I lived somewhere with actual seasons, I doubt I would appreciate them as much as I do here. The grass is always greener, you know? Experiencing the crispness of fall and seeing leaves turn golden shades is always SUCH a special treat for me.

5. Beautiful flowers, ALL YEAR LONG.

I never want to take Florida’s beautiful landscape for granted. In a season that is normally marked with death and decay, Florida challenges the status quo by continuing to bloom and blossom in breathtaking ways. There is never a shortage of lush foliage, tropical flowers and green grass here during fall, and I couldn’t love it more!

Celebrating fall in Florida requires a little more thought. It challenges me to be creative with how I embrace the season. I get to enjoy the pumpkin spice craze while still being able to head to the beach any day. It’s basically the best of both worlds (although I wouldn’t be mad if the temperature dropped below 80 sometimes!)

How do you celebrate the seasons where you live?

Fall in Florida and DIY Fall Decor

DIY Pumpkin Decor

These little white pumpkins + fruits are super easy to create and to place in your favorite decor bowl, vase or anywhere you like! Setting the mood for a stylish chic fall decor never has been easier! Here’s how to make it!

What you will need:

1 Krylon Metallic paint in gold ( Hobby Lobby )

2-3 Krylon White paint ( Hobby Lobby )

Assorted Fruits ( Michael’s )

Pumpkins ( Dollar Tree )

1 small paint sponge ( Hobby Lobby )

Fall in Florida and DIY Fall Decor Fall in Florida and DIY Fall Decor Fall in Florida and DIY Fall Decor

First: Take the stem out of pumpkins to spray them gold and wait until they’re dry to re-attach!

Fall in Florida and DIY Fall Decor

Spray your fruits and pumpkins white, let them dry in between and voila, simple as that!

Fall in Florida and DIY Fall Decor


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