Real Wedding: Jenna and Sean

Jenna and Sean had a beautiful ceremony/wedding by “the sea”. Nested right in the middle of the ocean and the Sandpearl Resort, the two lovebirds said “I do” upon  the sunset. I just love the Clearwater area! I always have to remind myself to travel more within Florida, it’s only a small drive away to such gorgeous beaches and scenery! Weddings always take me to such new and exciting spots! Jenna and Sean were a glowing, sweet couple and what a lovely bridal party as well. See some of my favorites below from their big day, and congrats you two!

Venue: Sandpearl Resort Clearwater
Photography: Andi Mans Weddings
Floral: Northside Florist
Makeup/Hair: Danielle Sabatello
Videography: Storybook Weddings
DJ: Boone’s Professional Events
Dress: Perfect Dress

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