New York I heart you

I had one of the most wonderful surprises from my amazing ( and handsome ) boyfriend for a weekend trip to New York City! I’ve been before, years ago but for work and never had a chance to really explore, so let’s say I was pretty excited! I had to do some research before, knowing my foodie heart would want to try every single restaurant, street food and coffee shop! Seriously so hard to choose friends. Every spot we visited was absolutely amazing in it’s own way, from the mom-and-pop to the fancier spots and rooftops in Soho, it was all divine. We took a stroll in Central Park, people watched, grabbed some coffee on the way and snapped a mini shoot while in the park. One of my favorite local visits had to be Chelsea Market, this indoor market is a dream for a gal like me! Merchants offering unique shopping with a selection of unique food merchants, we went cray! Welp, these words are enough sometimes, let’s just share some pics, enjoy below! Is it Summer yet?

Central Park has a classic touch every spot your eye meets. Talk about a stroll though so many memories by so many people made on the streets.

Photo opportunities, it wasn’t hard to look around every corner and see something to snap.

If you are ever in NYC and want to try some of the most delicious dumplings in your life, head to Mimi Cheng’s. This would be dangerous in Orlando, because I would eat them every single day! Not only were the dumplings unique and filling, I sipped on some tasty ginger infused lemonade and enjoyed the white washed interior while trying hard to put my camera down and just EAT!

The 9/11 Memorial was surreal.

Trinity Church, a historic, active, well-endowed parish church in the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Located in lower Manhattan, the architecture of this church is breathtaking, not to mention the cemetery that consists of three separate burial grounds associated with the church.