Thanksgiving week has arrived!

One thing I love, is spending time around the dinner table just snacking yummy food and chatting with friends filled with laughter. I have an easy 3 ingredient cheese ball recipe for you to make for Thanksgiving this year, so easy! Your guests will enjoy!

Chicken Cheese Ball:
1 can of white chicken
1 block of cream cheese
1/2 pack of hidden valley ranch seasoning ( double all ingredients to make a larger amount, put entire pack of seasoning for the bigger portion )


Mix together, refrigerate for an hour and serve with crackers, wheat thins, veggies, etc! It’s delicious and so easy! I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving this year around the table with your loved ones. We are so blessed.

Real Wedding: Jenna and Sean

Jenna and Sean had a beautiful ceremony/wedding by “the sea”. Nested right in the middle of the ocean and the Sandpearl Resort, the two lovebirds said “I do” upon  the sunset. I just love the Clearwater area! I always have to remind myself to travel more within Florida, it’s only a small drive away to such gorgeous beaches and scenery! Weddings always take me to such new and exciting spots! Jenna and Sean were a glowing, sweet couple and what a lovely bridal party as well. See some of my favorites below from their big day, and congrats you two!

Venue: Sandpearl Resort Clearwater
Photography: Andi Mans Weddings
Floral: Northside Florist
Makeup/Hair: Danielle Sabatello
Videography: Storybook Weddings
DJ: Boone’s Professional Events
Dress: Perfect Dress

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Floral: Oh hello there gorgeous!

Our bride this past weekend wanted a bouquet in her words, “something that has the style of Rifle Paper Co. and Lilly Pulitzer mixed together“! Well, lucky me…I’m a huge fan of both and designed this colorful happy Fall bridal bouquet together, hand delivered with a smile on my face! Happy Tuesday friends!

Floral: Andi Mans Weddings


Beauty Feature: Celebrity Makeup Artist Stephen Moleski!

Ooo-lala friends! Last night I had the amazing opportunity to model for celebrity makeup artist Stephen Moleski at the fabulous Marilyn Monroe Spas! He even told me I had the “perfect brows”!! Ah! Contouring genius. A featured artist on multiple top-rated shows! Moleski’s clientele base is as varied and vast as his credits – America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, Xfactor, American Idol, The Kardashians, E!, Vanity Fair, People, etc! Stephen was in Orlando teaching top new trends + styles for attendees! Read more below and some beauty tips he shared with me!

marilyn monroe spas
I have a lot of hair but it’s very fine. If I wash my hair and blow it out, it’s usually pretty flat and not much volume. I had my hair styled by the lovely Davina, who is a Pureology stylist and ambassador. I asked Davina, what could I do to add more “bam” to my hair ( since I’m terrible with styling ). Davina introduced me to Pureology’s “Strengthening Control“, and to give your hair time to “set”. Grab the strengthening spray and apply on the first 2 to 3 inches of your root, then go through and blow dry it for body and hold…plus volume! She then curled my hair lightly to place in pins to set my hair before makeup. My hair is very thin, so it almost always needs product to manipulate it! Get this spray, it’s amazing and smells delicious.

2marilyn monroe spas
I was SO excited to get my face dolled up by the amazingly talented Stephen Moleski. 90% of the product used were all from Marilyn Monroe Spas. From the eye shadow colors to the foundation. I had no idea what “look” I was going to get so let’s just say I was totally impressed by the end! Makeup is magic, it transforms your best features and just makes them completely pop! Stephen shared some amazing makeup tips with me to share, keep reading below!

marilyn monroe spas
These products above I used before I arrived to model, the Rose Hip firming de-puff eye cream which works wonders, Citrus Lime refreshing hand cream and a subtle yet perfect amount of color for your lips, luxury lip gloss “Party Girl“.

stephen moleski
Stephen gave me his signature smokey eye look. I shared with him how I always want my eye to look bigger since they aren’t too big and almond shaped. His contouring and highlight tutorial was amazing to watch. He wanted to make sure attendees knew the difference between correct contouring and highlight without looking too “show girl”. MAGIC, above is my final look before hair. Wow! I felt flawless.

Tip #1: When beginning your makeup and foundation, let your makeup “marinate”. Makeup is made to stick to your skin, let it settle for a few minutes before rushing through it so fast.

Tip #2: Faux Lashes: Stephen is the creator of the amazing Smoke and Mirrors lashes and shared that if “you look like you’re wearing lashes then you’re putting them on wrong”. Lashes need to look natural, as if you weren’t wearing any at all. If someone can say “oh that girl is wearing fake lashes”, nope – bad”!

Tip #3: Rose Water sprayed lightly on the face before and after, calms and sets your makeup. It has essential oils, and is great for clients as well. Relieves stress!

Tip #4: Leave small airy spaces in your brow when filling them out, it looks more natural and not so completely drawn out, you want the natural look that brows have not the “youtube brows”.

Davina worked her styling magic and created the popular “Fobob” on me. Guests said I looked like a Bond girl or the retro Adele look! I went from long hair to short within minutes, without cutting it. It’s amazing to see how the right makeup and hair can completely change your look. I had such a fun time meeting everyone and getting glam from the talented celebrity stylists, thank you again! Lastly, in case I haven’t told you yet you can receive a 10% discount on all products and services at any of the Marilyn Monroe Spas locations and online.  There are a few ways to redeem the discount, tell them Andi sent you!:

1. Booking via Phone: Mention Glam Gals

2. Booking Online: Enter coupon code GlamGals10

3. Shopping Online: Enter code GlamGals10

marilyn monroe spas

Week Wrap Up

What a fun week it has been! At the end of year I starting wrapping up my last weddings for 2015, getting some time to recharge and work on how I can enhance, update and think of new fun business plans for 2016! I cannot believe how fast 2015 just flew by! This past Monday I had the wonderful opportunity to style Cultivate Retreats luncheon at the historic hotel Le Meridien located right downtown Tampa. I enjoyed designing the floral and our chalk board for the ladies. Pink and navy filled the room with happy blooms and smiley faces. While I was in Tampa I had one spot that was on my mind to visit. The incredible and beautiful Oxford Exchange, friends…I’m in love! Continue reading below!

Floral/Styling/Board: Andi Mans Weddings
Venue: Le Meridien Hotel Tampa

I loved designing these 3 pretty in pink bouquets filled with Austin Roses, Eucalyptus, soft pink roses with some touches of hydrangeas.

Doesn’t anything in watercolor just look fabulous? I hand-painted and designed the Menu’s for the luncheon. Give me a project to get excited about, and this was one of them!

Check out our board below! I wanted a European feel, with foliage and I think our chalk board designer Sebastian knocked it out of the park! Please be sure to check out our rentals page to see more samples, get your order in for a custom board! Make an impression with these unique details!

Le Meridien Hotel in Tampa had a fabulous ambiance. Located right in the middle of downtown Tampa, this once a federal courthouse, mixes contemporary culture with its European heritage. The hotel has been transformed to reveal a boutique hotel boasting 130-inspiring guest rooms and suites, meeting and event space, a French Bistro and Longitude Bar. Customer service was on point with an available shuttle that drove me and my guest to any local attractions nearby!

Let’s talk about the Oxford Exchange!! As I walked in, I was already hypnotized by the beautiful architecture, pattern floors, books and coffee shop AH! I enjoyed a lovely lunch at the restaurant inside where I inhaled a delicious plate of FRIED brussels sprouts…pretty much heaven. Moving along, had an cafe latte at Buddy Brew Coffee as I sat in my retro round chair sippin’ and chattin’. If you haven’t visited this unique venue/marketplace please do, you won’t regret it. You can easily spend a whole day just grabbing lunch, a cup of joe, doing some shopping and work on your laptop! Service was amazing as well!

Buddy Brew Coffee Co…SO good!



I woke up, I have clothes to wear. I have running water. I have food to eat. Life is good. I am thankful. Thanksgiving is about two weeks away already! I hope that everyone has a chance to gather with their loved ones whether it’s your family, friends or neighbors. My favorite dish is pecan pie, I can’t wait to make a homemade one this year!

Pillow: Target

Real Wedding: Lesley + Jason

Lesley and Jason have to be one of the sweetest couples! Though I only got to meet Lesley earlier into the wedding planning and not Jason, I felt like I knew the both of them much longer on the big day! Lesley and Jason are smiley, kind and easy going…my type of people! Both complete sweethearts! Read more below and enjoy the favorites of ours! Congrats again you two lovebirds!

Venue: Omni Resort at Champions Gate
Photography: Andi Mans Weddings
Floral: Fiora Design Studio
Planner: Tickled Pink Brides
Lighting: Get Lit Productions
Band: The Frequency Band
Videographer: Love and Lustre Weddings
Cake: Party Flavors
Rentals: Swag Decor and Chic Event Furniture Rentals

Lesley’s “Bridesmaid Reveal” was so adorable. She kept her dress a secret until wedding day, their reactions were priceless! Check out the full video from Love and Lustre Weddings here!

wides lesjaso-33wides lesjaso-34wides lesjaso-351413
I have to admit, Jason’s “First Look” reaction was such a sweet and emotional moment. He had every reason to become overjoyed, I mean…Lesley was stunning!

wides lesjaso-29wides lesjaso-36wides lesjaso-38wides lesjaso-39wides lesjaso-4015910bigs lesjaso-5bigs lesjaso-6bigs lesjaso-7
Flawless dress by Watters, elegant and romantic, this fit and flare gown in lace and tulle is a dream!

bigs lesjaso-8bigs lesjaso-9bigs lesjaso-21bigs lesjaso-22bigs lesjaso-23bigs lesjaso-5bigs lesjaso-4bigs lesjaso-10bigs lesjaso-12bigs lesjaso-13bigs lesjaso-14bigs lesjaso-15bigs lesjaso-16bigs lesjaso-17bigs lesjaso-18bigs lesjaso-19bigs lesjaso-20wides lesjaso-12wides lesjaso-13wides lesjaso-14wides lesjaso-15wides lesjaso-1612
What a fun bridal party, I loved the color palette for the ladies. A soft shade perfect for the green landscape of their venue backdrop. Hydrangea bouquets and the bow-ties were the perfect match!

wides lesjaso-17wides lesjaso-18wides lesjaso-20wides lesjaso-21wides lesjaso-22wides lesjaso-23wides lesjaso-26wides lesjaso-27wides lesjaso-28wides lesjaso1wides lesjaso-10bigs lesjasowides lesjaso-2wides lesjaso-6bigs lesjaso-3wides lesjaso-3wides lesjaso-43
I loved the cocktail hour concept of vintage photos filled with young images of grandparents and family. It was a tender look down history lane of both sides of the family. Every detail was perfectly placed from baby photos to recent ones. The sense of love for family was so sweet and heart warming.

4578wides lesjaso-7wides lesjaso-8wides lesjaso-91617bigs lesjaso-2wides lesjaso-11wides lesjaso-45wides lesjaso-46
Stunning lit room, twinkling candles and greenery covered the reception room. Paired with wooden chairs and lanterns! Family style seating made it easy to accommodate the larger guest count to move from one room to the other!

wides lesjaso-47wides lesjaso-48wides lesjaso-49wides lesjaso-50wides lesjaso-51
Such a fun wedding. I’m so happy for these two and to be part of creating memories for their love story! Huge congrats to Lesley and Jason!

wides lesjaso-41wides lesjaso-42wides lesjaso-43

Happy Sunday!

Last night a rare phenomenon happened… I was an actual GUEST at a wedding, haha! Smack dab in the middle of wedding season…it’s nice to have a Saturday off to unwind. It was so nice seeing my buddy Jairo and new his wife Lauren say “I do”… and some dancing of course! Loved the venue they chose, The Maitland Art Center. I always feel I’m within ancient ruins when I’m there! ‪All the stone, architecture and greenery, eye candy for sure. Can we talk about how hot it still is? Sheesh. I probably burned 3000 calories dancing last night! Hopefully this Florida weather shapes up soon! Are you following me on instagram? Please do! You will find behind the scenes of all things ‪#‎andimansweddings‬


But First Hello! November

Hello there! I have to say I’m so excited to share these photos with you from my 2nd “But First Hello” event hosted in Winter Park at the amazing TAPS! I want to thank all the amazing vendors involved who made the night extra special and of course our attendees. I started this little idea and I’m already looking forward to planning the next one! I have met so many new faces, friends via social media that are REAL life people, yes folks! One thing you can always be sure to know when attending a BFH event; music, food and dancing will always happen!

Hosted/Styled: Andi Mans Weddings
Photography: Justin with Andi Mans Weddings
Sponsors: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals, Meister Productions, Florida Candy Buffets, Seltzer Films, Stella & Dot, Cookie Cousins, Taps Restaurant Bar & Lounge

Thank you to the beautiful folks at Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals for the gorgeous sparkling votives, giant white candelabra and linen. Additional appreciation to Ann with Stella & Dot who had a lovely display of jewelry, accessories and more.

All smiles around! I loved seeing some new faces and some previous attendees. We welcome all professionals whether you are new to the industry or have been in it for a while, everyone can stop on by! What I love about But First Hello, everyone seems to be on the same page of just a relaxed version of networking where it doesn’t even FEEL like networking. And well, these ladies share the love of dance and food, my type of gals!

Meister Productions rocked the house who for sure kept the atmosphere up! I have to thank David and Kait for the lighting and the spectacular LED monogram that David custom created! Central Florida Balloon Decor spruced up a one of a kind backdrop for photos! I mean how cute and fun is this white balloon wall? It’s a sure must-have for any event!


Tap’s located in Winter Park Village is an amazing space to use for all kinds of occasions from bridal showers, private events and even rehearsal dinner. Surrounded by elegant furniture, crystal chandeliers and an amazing wine selection, your guests are sure to feel cozy and chic.

Farida with Florida Candy Buffet’s provided an adorable sweets station for our guests. I couldn’t keep my hands away!

Wahoo! Can we take a second to look at the below please? Dustin with Seltzer Films is one talented dude! His work is amazing, check out his recap below! Just press play on the “But First Hello” logo.


Real Wedding: Meghan + Roberto

I had an amazing time with this lovely couple. Roberto and Meghan share a love for travel, culture and FUN. They really are the sweetest two! I loved the bold colors and Spanish inspired decor from the little details to the stunning floral. Roberto’s family flew from Chile to attend the wonderful wedding along with Meghan’s family who resides in Florida. Starting their festivities 2 weeks prior to the big day, they are definitely a fun family, both sides! These lovebirds share an adorable story on how they met, read below!

From the Bride: How did you meet? I met Roberto the first night I arrived in Chile for an expedition to teach English abroad. I met him in a tiny restaurant where he approached me and invited me and my friend to have some typical Chilean drinks with him. He quickly took me under his wing and showed me around the city and soon we were in love. Less than one year later, I returned back home, where  Roberto followed soon after. And one month after that we were engaged.

Venue: Columbia Ybor City
Photography: Andi Mans Weddings
Dress: Watters
DJ: Felix the DJ
Makeup/Hair: Rachel Artistry
Floral: Concept Bait

Planner: Sandy Rule Events